Wooden Frame for Paint By Numbers 40x50cm DIY

Finish off your DIY creation with a quick, durable DIY frame – no tools required! 

This DIY frame kit comes with user-friendly assembly instructions and precision-cut materials. Choose from a wide variety of sizes to match the size of your finished product. Each piece of solid wood framing is measured and sized for a perfect fit. Easy, mess-free adhesive glue is already applied to the frame pieces.


  • Peel back plastic cover
  • Stick the frame onto the back of the canvas, and align the pieces. 
  • Apply U-shaped fasteners at the corners for added durability 
  • The Cardboard corner slots will hold the frame steady.
  • Congratulations! Your framed art is ready to hang!


- 4 bars with self-adhesive glue

- U-shaped fasteners for each corner

- Wall hooks to hang your painting

- 4 pieces of cardboard to steady the frame

- Instructions