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Navajo Spirit - Diamond Painting Kit

Navajo Spirit

This whimsical painting buzzes with energy and captures the iconic Native American style. Two vibrant wolves are featured inside a detailed dream catcher with icy blue eyes. Place individual rhinestones to create fluffy feathers, a watercolor background, and the detailed bodies of spirit wolves.

Why Diamond Painting?

Make the most of your free time with this enriching, relaxing activity. Diamond painting is perfect for artists of all ages and you don’t need any previous experience, training, or artistic talent. Simply choose your favorite design from My Diamond Painting’s wide selection, follow the map to put each rhinestone into place, and bask in the beauty of your finished painting!

All of our 5D diamond painting kits come with everything that you need for a successful project. Open the box to find a high-quality canvas, individual packets of colored square diamonds, a sorting tray, glue, tweezers, and applicator pen. The full-drill canvas means that the entire image will be covered in shimmering diamonds when you’re finished.

Simply find the symbol printed on the canvas, match the gemstone, and you’re ready to paint with diamonds! The adhesive cotton canvas is precision-printed so that you can easily see where each diamond goes. When you’re done, you can give the finished masterpiece away as a personalized gift or hang it in the frame of your choice!

* The larger the design canvas, the more detail in the final product. 

* Frame is not included


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Diamond Painting order

(Only sizes 16x16''/40x40cm or bigger will include a box.)

All of our kits are ''Full Coverage'' so the whole painting is done with the diamonds.

What's included?

  • 1x Canvas with sticky adhesive surface
  • 1x Diamond Pen
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Glue for the Diamond Pen
  • 1x All the diamonds (square) needed
  • 1x Diamond Tray
  • 1x A nice box to keep your items safe. (Only sizes 16x16''/40x40cm or bigger will include a box.)