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5D Diamond Painting Kits

The practice of cross-stitching has been brought back to life as a new art form in 5D diamond painting.

5D diamond painting allows you to get creative with this modern take on cross-stitching. 5D diamond painting breaks designs down into patterns. You use small, shiny rhinestones also known as diamonds to fill out the pattern on a sticky canvas and to create your own work of art based on a preselected pattern or a custom picture.

What Is Included in a 5D Diamond Painting Kit?

All kits contain the basic equipment you need to create your very own painting successfully. Once you purchase your 5D diamond painting kit, you shouldn’t have to go to the hobby shop to buy extra materials to complete your very own masterpiece.

All the kits available below are full coverage diamond painting kits. This means that the entire painting will be covered in diamonds when it is completed. This makes for the best and most consistent painting imaginable.

The tools that come with your 5D diamond kit include a diamond pen, a set of tweezers, glue, the complete set of diamonds, and a diamond tray. Our larger diamond painting kits also include a nice box to keep all of the items safe and tidy.

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