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Diamond painting is also known as diamond embroidery, 5D diamond painting, diamond dots, 3D diamond painting, crystal art, crystal cross stitch, facet art or even mosaic art. The craft is a fun art technique you’ll love to add to your list of skills. The craft uses resin facets to develop various artworks.

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Diamond painting designs come in varied themes to suit your specific taste. Choose among animals, abstracts, custom photos, landscapes, nature, pop culture references, mythical creatures, religious scenes, flowers, people and fantasy worlds, among other popular diamond painting canvas options.

Top 5 things to know about Diamond Painting

Choosing a diamond painting is the first step to diving into this artistic craft. When shopping for diamond art, here are factors to help you pick the right canvas for your new hobby.

  1.    The Shape of the Diamonds

Choose between round and square diamonds for your craft. Square ones fit more snugly together due to the small size of the rhinestones. It means square gems would give you a picture without gaps. They produce a ‘snap’ sound when completing rows or filling gaps on your canvas.

The satisfying sound has been associated with the pleasure of popping a bubble wrap. Square diamonds are also ideal if you’re using a blank canvas instead of one that is pre-printed.

On the other hand, round gems are perfect if you’re just out for an easy, relaxing time without using much effort. Unlike square gems, they’re easier to apply, but their round bases leave gaps between the diamonds. However, large and medium-sized painting canvases barely reveal these gaps due to their printed backgrounds.

Round gems for diamond painting look like real diamond stones.

  1.     Size and Orientation of Canvas

Small canvases are less detailed with less coloring, unlike their larger counterparts. Although you might be tempted to pick a small canvas for your first project, it might not give you value for your money. The larger your canvas, the better. Large diamond painting canvases have sharper details, better resolution and give a sparkling finished artwork.

A large Diamond Painting has more details than a smaller one.

If you want to explore custom diamond painting, choose a canvas with the same orientation as your original image. Select from portrait, square and landscape orientations. Note that the type of canvas you choose will determine the type of framing for your finished artwork.

  1. 3D and 5D Design Effects

Crystal art is based on an old practice, beaded/rhinestone painting, dating back to more than a century ago. 5D diamond painting makes use of technology to segment images into patterns. The craft resembles cross stitching in a number of ways. Drills or beads similar to diamonds are picked up and applied onto a sticky painting canvas, creating a wonderful work of art.

So, what is the difference between 3D and 5D diamond painting?

Many people use the terms 3D and 5D interchangeably referring to the impression of dimension because they don’t seem to tell the difference between the two effects. In 5D painting, drills with five facets are used while the 3D version makes use of drills with three facets. 5D drills are newer on the market and give a better sparkling finish.

  1.     Partial Drill vs. Full Drill

After choosing between 3D and 5D effects, determine whether you need it in a partial or full drill.

Full drill paintings are covered with diamonds fully. The whole canvas comes printed with symbols from edge to edge, with sticky marked places for the crystals on the full image. If you opt for a full drill painting, apply diamonds on it in small sections because the craft would take lots of patience and time to finish.

Unlike full drill painting, the diamonds only cover a section of your artwork. High definition techniques of printing are used to print each canvas. However, some canvases are covered with diamonds completely.

Symbols on the painting offer guidance on where to stick your diamonds. Its main subject is often highlighted with rhinestones, leaving the background without the gems to support visible HD printing.

  1.     Cross Stitch vs. Diamond Painting

Diamond painting resembles cross stitching in many ways, including the use of the same patterns. But, the new craft delivers results faster. Just like cross stitching, where a pixel equals to a stitch, a pixel equals a drill in this craft. Crystal art also uses either pre-printed or blank canvas fabrics as is the case with cross stitching.

Traditional cross stitching.

Opt for a pre-printed canvas if you’re a beginner. It also uses the same DMC floss conversion for numbering and coloring. However, unlike cross stitching, diamond painting requires a flat surface as your work area and has a lower resolution.

The similarities between the two crafts answer the question ‘what does cross stitch mean in diamond painting?’ and explains why this new craft is often referred to as diamond cross stitch.


Nurture your body and mind as you enjoy your new-found hobby. It’s possible to create a gorgeous work of art with ease. It lets you grow your mind as you work on what matters.

It resembles meditation and other beneficial crafts such as adult book coloring.

Whether you want to give it out as a gift or just experience the ease, calm and relaxing nature of the craft, you can grow your skill along the way. There’s no better way to pick up a new, exciting and artistic hobby than indulging in diamond painting.