Diamond Painting: The New Craze Sweeping the Arts & Crafts Hobby Market


Diamond Painting is a new and beautiful art form that takes lovers of painting by numbers fans to new levels! This addictive and clever hobby revolves around patterns, patience, concentration and dedication. The road to making a complete 5D diamond painting picture will always be a little challenging, but guarantees remarkable results.


What is Diamond Painting?


Diamond paintings are based around a sticky, adhesive layer being applied to a beautifully designed canvas. Each canvas design is patterned with a grid of tiny squares, each with a designated number, letter or symbol that is critical to the diamond painting process. These squares have a key that can be found printed on a separate strip (usually part of the edge of the canvas) and the key reveals what colour crystal should be placed on that numbered, lettered or symbol style square. In fact, the diamond painting canvas looks just like a typical cross-stitch canvas – this is probably why lots of cross-stitch enthusiasts are taking up diamond painting with great passion.


The key to any diamond paintings are the tiny tiles or diamond crystals. The tiles, also known as drills and rhinestones, are small (equal in size to the canvas grid squares), sparkly plastic faceted squares that reflect light. The tiny tiles of a diamond painting are much like pixels on a computer screen – alone they’re tiny coloured squares, but when put together on a canvas they can form breathtaking pieces of artwork.


The tiles are flat on one side and 5D faceted on the other. The flat side is designed to stick in place to the canvas, while the faceted top gives your completed painting a reflective and sparkly finish.


How difficult is Diamond Painting?


The average canvas can contain a mind-boggling amount of tiles, with even the smallest 40cm x 40cm (almost 16 inches) artwork having over twenty thousand of them!  What’s more, some of the larger canvases can have over one hundred thousand individual tiles, all making up a beautiful image.


While these amounts may seem amazing, in truth they’re completely necessary – again like a computer screen, the more individual tiles a picture has, the more detail can be conveyed – and the larger a picture can be. And when it comes to making breathtaking artwork, detail and size are always extremely important factors, as any experienced artist will tell you.


While it may take you some time to complete your 5D diamond painting masterpiece, the actual creation of your artwork isn't difficult at all. There are very few steps to follow, it isn't complicated to learn, and should you make any little mistakes, you can easily correct them – so it's a win all around!


The community surrounding diamond painting is expanding more and more by the day. With multiple blogs dedicated to diamond painting, and a fantastic range of designs available from My Diamond Paintings, there couldn’t be a better time to get involved.


Studies have also shown that diamond painting can have a positive mental influence, even going as far as to improve emotional well-being and reducing stress levels. Diamond painting can be done by anyone with enough patience – from a modern day Picasso to those who struggle to even draw a stick figure, with diamond painting everybody has a chance to make something beautiful that people will love.